Tulsi Giloy Juice


Tulsi Giloy Juice is beneficial to All Tulsi and Giloy are two of the most beneficial herbs indigenous to India. Tulsi fights infections, keeps your skin glowing, promotes healthy digestion and helps with blood pressure while Giloy boosts immunity, helps treat infections and reduces stress and anxiety. Kapiva’s Tulsi Giloy Juice blends these herbs in an effort to highlight the best properties of each and improving your overall health and wellness.A combination of two of the most beneficial plants indigenous to the Indian subcontinent Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Juice is extracted from fresh Tulsi leaves and Rajasthani Giloy. It is cold-pressed to retain all its original nutritional value and contains no added sugar, flavour or colour. These two herbs have a wide array of health and wellness benefits when consumed individually – together, they are even more beneficial. We take great care to handpick the herbs and bring you a high-quality product that will have a positive impact on your health.

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